Islamic Atrocities Against Christians in Nigeria

We CANNOT Be Silent: America Must Respond

WARNING: Due to the graphic nature of the content (photos and videos) on this page, discretion is advised.
The slideshow featured on the page depicts the harrowing violence occurring against Christians in villages in Northern Nigeria. Though much of the violence has been blamed on the radical Islamic faction known as Boko Haram, a recent article by Open Doors, a non-profit group devoted to assisting persecuted Christians throughout the world, stated:
“Not just radical Islam, Boko Haram being the most notable example, but also Muslim Hausa-Fulani herdsmen and the Northern Muslim political and religious elite are major actors of targeted violence towards the Christian minority.”
The pictures featured here are difficult to look at, but they should put fuel on the fires of our altars to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters, and to pray that the forces of Islam will be brought down around the world!
 Is the Nigerian Government Complicit with Christian Persecution?


This interview highlights how the Islamic government refuses to intervene or even comment on the atrocities and murders happening in Southern Kaduna, as Christians are slaughtered in the name of Islam.

The True Muslim Agenda to Push Sharia Law in Britain


This video uncovers the true Muslim agenda as they attempt to have Sharia law rule in areas of Great Britain.

Muslim Herdsmen Throughout Nigeria Wage Attacks Against Christians

Here the Director of Research and Strategy in Abuja refers to the herdsmen attacks as "pure genocide."
Spiritual Strategies Shall Prevail and Restore Order
The people of God rally together to use divine, spiritual strategies to defeat the vicious enemies opposing Christians in Nigeria.

Help Us Help Them

We are burdened for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Nigeria.
Join with us in prayer and contact us at 770-994-3777 to learn how you can support our efforts.
Take heart and pray like never before for we know that we serve a mighty God who is faithful to deliver His children.